About Project Reach

Reach for what you need
Reach people you can help
Reach your community

Project Reach is not a community in and of itself but a tool that communities can use to connect with and support each other. By connecting the right people through our system existing communities are able to easily connect with those people around them that need support and can support one another. With Project Reach you can know you are in safe hands with requests being matched to the most appropriate members of the community to support your needs.
On this page you will find more information about how the service works, the communities that we work with, and who we are.

The service

As the whole world has gone into lock down it has become obvious how this is effecting the lives of the people round us in unexpected ways. Project Reach collects requests from people that need a bit of an extra hand in these times and directs them to members of the community most willing and able to help.

Our Communities

The other side of Project Reach is a growing number of community groups and initiatives who are ready and able to help those around them. Every request processed through Project Reach is connected to a helper vetted by their community group as a good person for the job.

Who we are

The team behind Project Reach is a group of community minded individuals from across Aotearoa who value the compassion and empowerment of the initiatives springing up around them to fill the needs of others. Our mission is to help those groups connect and coordinate to support all our communities through this time.

If you would like to become a part of the team making this happen, just get in touch

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